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The name of my narrative is "The General." It is a story of how a young man considers his dreams and the wishes of his mother in pursuing what he will do with his life. The main character is made after me for part of the story comes from my childhood and the other is just hollywood. This is what my narrative story eirlooked like originally original version of The General



Two Students from class liked it another way. They remixed it and gave it another voice. The first one was done from Ted Haynie. This is what his looked like. - Ted's remix on Afram's Narrative and other remix was done from Austin and this is what his looked like - This is the remix edition


Now finally this is the final of The GeneralMy classmates that remixed my story and gave me input helped me to streth and buid on my story. I am very proud of it and hope all enjoy it.


I remixed some of my fellow students' narratives as well. I really enjoyed reading their narratives and tweaked them a lil to my style. I have to give them credit though because they had some great ideas. These are the three stories I remixed:


  • Austin's narrative story is about bungy jumping intrigued me in that I thought about bungy jumping myself. I chickened out before it any plans were made but I could see what the character was going through, this is my remix of Austin's narrative.


  • Regina's narrative story is about her trip to Crystal River. I figured I could mix this smoothly because I am very familiar with Crystal River. This is-my remix of regina narrative


  • John S's narrative story is about his experience in the military. I have a big respect for all of those who join our military so I thought it would be nice to remix his story. This is my remix of John's narrative


I would say working with my narrative and revising it with my peer's input and having some of them even remix it for me was a very good experience. I got some insight on how I could have done things different and I was even shown how some of the other students from class would have wrote it themselves when they actually did. This was my fisrt time working on such a project but I definately enjoyed it and learned how I could look at things from different angles now.

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