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During my Interview with Damien I asked this question

I just noticed that after saving and rereading that there are no spaces after periods (.) even though I double spaced. If anyone that may read this has some insight please pass it on.


I found the answer myself, on some how to wiki page. It says Wiki doesn't recognize double spaces, and I was like "nope it sure doesn't". It didn't however tell me how to doublespace.

John S



I did some thinking and some conjuring and eventually came up with a reasonable answer. HTML also has its own syntax for displaying special characters that are part of a your computer's character set. Some examples:


æ ç þ ñ

< > ∫ ∴



A full list of these "entities" can be found here: http://www.alanwood.net/demos/ent4_frame.html


The normal syntax for these is an ampersand (&), some relevant characters, and a semicolon (;). &Omega; is what they all look like.


Anyway, the relevant character is &nbsp; which stands for Non-breaking Space. Normally, this character is used to keep two words together on the next line, but in our case it is useful because the browser reads as many                                               of these as you place.


The easiest way to incorporate this into your document is to move it to Word, Wordperfect, or some other word processor with a decent search function and replace all periods "." with ".&nbsp;&nbsp;" Get it?


John Monroe



on my narrative page...it will not let me add anymore text or pictures...if I add something like a picture it starts to take away from the end of my narrative i.e. it seems it is taking words away to compensate for picture space...is there a limit on how much text/pics can be on a single page?




There isn't a limit on the amount of information that can be put on a page: just look at the Starbucks page. However, I have had similar problems. Typically, I write in a Word document and paste it into the wiki anyway, because I've had the wiki eat my work before, as it has done to you. It's not an answer, but it's a solution.

John Monroe

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