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Del.icio.us is an open system for organizing, sharing, and discovering patterns of information. For this assignment, each member of each group will join the del.icio.us community, share identities, and explore the potential of this community-forming technology, together. Your goal: to find your audience. You must create individual logins, but you should share them so you can quickly and easily browse each others' patterns.


What's your Del.icio.us ID?


1. start with IM sessions, talk on the phone, or use the wiki to share ideas:


Remember the fundamentals of dialogue, brainstorm some startup tags, test them, create a string of "tags." Easy: for starters, just work with the crucial definitional terms, concepts, and ideas born out of our writing process so far, and then apply these key words to web sites you want to share with the entire group. In other words, "tag" those sites.


What are tags? I've linked to delicious's definition tailored to beginners, but we're going to go further. What we want to know is, "what can a wiki do with tagged browsing?" Can we mix wiki and social bookmarking to refine our 'zine's purpose and sense of audience?


Blog your chats to the wiki. Play with analogies to quickly find out what your peers have found, so far.


2. Post the startup tags to a designated wiki space, share the links you tag there. Design this space with "gutters," leave negative space. Why? Because we're going to write between the tags. Your group will share and sequence links, here. Eventually (see step 4, below) you will write from one link to the next. For now, just set up the space.


3. Because now, each group member flies solo for a stretch:


Jump back into delicious, and listen to the commons. Search "diagonally." Search the tags your group has created, find new tags, follow patterns you find (available order), revise your techniques. Refine your sense of audience as you refine your group's tags, create patterns of bundled tags, and find sites that seem to warrant multiple tags. Notice where, when, and how your focus shifts from investigating and searching via tags to shaping and writing with tags.


Then, get together again. Report back on the IM, narrate your journeys to each other, post your chats.


4. Finally, mix the outcomes of steps 1,2, and 3, above, into wiki-delicious space, where you will also provide a provisional audience description write-up, 300 words or so, with links. Who will be interested in your final projects? Where did you find useful templates, and authoritative/interested sources for content, idiom, and design?




Points: 20

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