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Grading scale

Content (5)

Grammar/Spelling (5)

Cover Page (3)

Audience (2)

Flow/Readability (5)


Grade given

Content (4)

Grammar/Spelling (5)

Cover Page (2)

Audience (1)

Flow/Readability (5)


I have given a grade of 17/20 for the following reasons.


First, The content was good, you could tell what his definition was and what he was talking about, but I would of liked a little more sources and maybe thrown in some real High Def examples compared to old viewing to compare and contrast. Maybe done some marketing analysis of if people buy more high def stuff than not.


Second, grammar and spelling was good, could not find anything to correct so that is a good sign.


Third, The cover page was a little too short. I like short and sweet and to the point but it really didn't give an explanation of what your definition was and what could be found in your main body definition. Maybe throw in a summary of what you will be talking about.


Fourth, Audience was not given. I did not see or feel who you were talking to and I know the audience is broad but maybe narrow it to people in the market for TV's or to people who just don't understand what high def is.


Finally, Flow and Readability was good. I like how you used dialog to explain your definition and was kind of including your reader, as if they were included or witnessing the dialog.


All in all, some pretty minor mistakes. Was a good project and I like your writing style.

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