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Bomberman T Killem

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Dude, that's so sweet.. I hope he notices. Take Farrah's name off your hit list. She did submit into the promptomatic how to change a tire.


week 1



Bomberman is a hero. Whenever his planet is in danger of being taken over or destroyed, he is there to save the day. But sometimes, the games dive back to when Bomberman was just a little kid and playing with his friends. That is what the picture represents. Traditionally, Bomberman games are grid based. The objective is to lay down bombs that explode in four different directions and destroy all the bad guys. Lately, and wonderfully, Bomberman game makers have seen the light of the platform based Bomberman game. Bomberman makes him sound evil or something, but he's really a good guy. The last part of his name "T. Killem" is something I made up. It isn't really part of the games. I write comics and use Bomberman as a main character and decided he needed a middle name. If you want to find out what the T. stands for, READ THE COMICS.


Teddy Bear

Some good bloggin


week 2


Here is something I thought the class might enjoy watching. This is a trailer for the Lord of the Rings has had some changes made to it. The audio of the trailer has been kept, but scenes from the transformers movie have been put in their place. All these clips come from the transformers movie. Enjoy.


Tranformers movie trailer responses

Free Soundin it

Some good bloggin 2


week 3


Ok, so here is what happened. My trip to Chicago took up the entire weekend. All the time I was supposed to spend on my wiki was spent eating deep dish pizza. As soon as I got home, I immediately caught up on my other classes work before coming to this one. I'm lucky my fingers sing on a keyboard or else I might have quite a few zeros. I wasn't worried though. This isn't the first time that time has been against me. More in my blog.


argument thing

Free culture thoughts

zine thing

Some good bloggin 3


week 4


So now the cat is out of the bag. I write comic books. Some (mostly the early ones) really suck and I only keep them as a reference of what not to do. The two that I gave Trey are some of my best (and most recent) work. The problem is, you have to have an open mind when reading them. That is why I don't usually pass them out. I used to be a little famous. My Latin teacher let me post little "Quickies" on his door and I made a series of comics in my creative writing classes (Those in the class loved them). So, with all that nonsense out of the way, I've made a link for Trey to post his thoughts and feelings about them.


Thoughts and Feelings

Feelings on Chapter three of the McCloud Text

Yar, Me Narrative

Some good bloggin 4

mad lib


week 5


As always, nobody has done my mad-lib yet. I'm kinda peeved about it, but I'll get over that quickly.


Ninja -- Trey and I both tried your mad-lib, and it did not work, as in, it did not generate anything once we populated the cells. Better check that out and report back to us, and I'll hit it up. Peace. -- Emery


Don't sweat it. I'm over it. Maybe I can work on it later. Not a whole lot to say. I've got a lot of catch-up work to do before mid-terms and it's taking up all my time. I'll have my new narrative done by tomorrow. Wee what I can do at work. Thanks for trying though. I do appreciate it.




Some good bloggin 5


week 8


So I haven't been able to post anything in here for a while on the count of I've been busy doing real work. And though I have so much more real work to go, I am going to take time aside to experiment with story. Many would agree that reading is best done when there is complete silence. This may be true, it may not. I've created an experiment with a story. I've written a story of immense action. The first link is the story. The second link is the same story, but I've added super action music that fits along with the story. See which one is able to keep your interest and focus on the story and let me know. In other news, I bought a cartoon show on DVD last night. Captain N I don't know if anybody remembers this one. It existed for about three years in the early ninties and its sole purpose was to advertise for upcoming games by adding characters from those games into the story of each episode. I like it because there is some history in there. We get to watch what the children of my generation watched.


Story without music

Story with music

Some good bloggin 8


Week 9


Ok so I was talking to John and he inspired me to put some animations on the wiki. So I've done this. This is the theme for the L-TEAM cartoon that I am currently working on. The first episode is called "The Sword of Death" which you all should know well. I made it my narrative. Though I haven't finished it yet, I can at least bring to you the theme of the show. It is awsome.


Some good bloggin 9

Popstar patrol is back


Week 10


We've hit the double digits. I've been keeping track. What else have I been doing? I'll tell you. I've finished writing the Popstar patrol and will begin drawing it tonight, right after i do some stuff on the zine (which I'm doing right now). I don't plan on working hard this week. I don't feel like it. I'd rather continue playing splinter cell "double agent." I've got a date tonight and hopefully she's not as wierd or freakish as the rest of the scum I've taken to a movie. So check out the blog.


Some good bloggin 10

Ideas for my zine

Popstar patrol history


Week 11


Ok, let me explain my lack of wiki usage. I've been busy as all hell with the end of the simester so close. Apparenly, it's a lot of work to become a teacher, even in the beginning. Also, Popstar Patrol has taken over my life. I'm currently drawing issue 10. This is the last issue for this story arc dubbed "Thin Ice." I have to finish the Patrol before I do any of my other responsible work because if I don't, I might not come back to it for a while. Last isse, also the coolest. A great climactic ending. Everything I wanted from a story I've written. So now that I've got the time, and the mindset, I'm going to write a whole bunch of stuff. Restore the Ninja Name!


Some good bloggin 11

HoTDoPA: How to do Practically Anything!


Week 12



Alright. I've almost made it through this hump of school work. All I have to do is not take this weekend off and bowl the whole time. Frankly, my game is getting better and better, but my school work is getting no worse. So I guess there is really no reason to stop what I'm doing. Alright, glad that's solved. I'm going bowling.


Some good bloggin 12

Popstar Patrol


Week 13


Alright, this week is going to be wierd and sort of stressful to me. At my work, the only employees of my store are me and my boss. My boss is off getting married and hunnymooning for the next week and a half. It is up to be to hold down the fort and recall everything I've been taught about everything. This is no excuse for rudeness, nor have I ever asked for one. I'm going to be rude whether you like it or not. You can't control me. I'm in charge of an entire story here. I'm untouchable. So anyway, enjoy this weeks blog and whatever other fun stuff I add on here. I wonder if I have anymore creative ideas left... hmm...


Some good bloggin 13

Creative ideas

Random fun stuff


Week 14


It looks like I didn't come up with any Random fun stuff. I did, however, learn that staples is able to bind 8.5 X 11 sheets of paper and bind them to a hard cover. It cost me ten bucks to do it, plus the cost of copies, plus tax, but I gave them a series of comics and they are putting them all together in a hardcover for me as I speak. So hopefully, it will be done by thursday's class. I want to show off the idea. I wonder if I should have gone to a small business copy center. Next time I will. Do they even bind books together in a hardcover? I shall investigate. If hard cover isn't your thing, you can have it bound in other ways. Like a spiral or that tape stuff on composition books that always come off. Right, so on to the weeks fun!


Some good bloggin 14

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