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Mission Statement

Our mission for our zine is to raise awareness of the genocide taking place in Darfur, Sudan and now pouring into nearby Chad. We will create a web based zine for easy acess that will be edited and updated as well as a published version to hand out. We are goin to gear the zine to youth and young adults who have yet to be jaded by American society. We do not simply want to inform but call to action the readers of this zine. Well will do this by presenting evidence of the genocide in the form of images, interviews, and narratives. We will doing investigations into what the United State, United Nations, and other world powers are doing to bring an end to the bloodshed (hypothesis: not enough).






  • Image that will exhort feelings of inquiry.
  • The Quote: "Genocide is... both the gravest and greatest of the crimes against humanity."
  • What the Sudanese Government, United Nations, and United States does not want you to know about genocide in Africa; and what they are lying about.
  • Death Toll in Big Bold Numbers

Size 5.5" by 8.5"




The Death of a Nation

Crimes Against Humanity



1. Idea/Purpose: To inform as well as call to action the readers about the genocide taking place in Darfur. Also bring to light the governments involvement in the situation (or lack there of); we do not aim to overthrow the government but we realize some sacrifices must be made.


2. Form: A large portion of this zine will be evidence of the genocide. We will be including copies of letters written to the Congress men and women, Senators and President and encourage readers to do the same. Documentation of guilt on the Sudanese Government's part in the genocide as well as the United Nation's and United States' selfishness while at the same time witnessing of 200,000 people being killed.


3. Idiom: We hope that everyone who picks this zine up will read it but our primary audience we be high school and college students.


4. Rhetorical: We will be building off of the current information and comments on this topic but will spend a great deal of time conducting investigations and research into key parties role in the situation. Interviews of people who have been there as well as from victims (this may be difficult but we will try and at the very least publish existing interviews). Also images will be dispersed throughout the zine.


Looking good. Today, let's plot a timeline and explicitly parse the labor.-ShareRiff


5. Exportable: Zine; a creation Dr. Frankenstein would be proud of.

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