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grading Austin's definition project

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 6 months ago

Austin’s definition of immortality starts with his immortality definition cover page. I like how this cover page first asks the question “what is immortality?” It made me ponder the question myself. Austin then gives a brief history of immortality, and then provides a link to his immortality definition page and a link to his steps to immortality. I like how he provides several views and definitions of mortality on his definition page. He uses sources such as Chemistry Daily and dictionary.com. Austin provides a conclusion on the definition of immortality, which indicates that there are different aspects of immortality, such as physical immortality, memorable spirituality, and spiritual immorality. I like how he summed these variances of immortality at the end. I did not think of immortality beyond the idea of “physical immortality.” Austin might want to consider making separate wiki pages for each different “type” of immortality that he discovered in his research and possibly expand on them. Austin took the definition of immortality one step further and spawned the “steps to immortality” wiki page from his definition cover page, which is a unique idea. This wiki page helps to put the concept into more concise terms. Overall, I think Austin did a great job. His audience is anyone seeking more information about the facts of life, curious about life & death, or simply anyone who wants to know the historical background of immortality. There are a few grammatical errors, but other than that I think it is good. I rate this as 19/20.

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