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HoTDoPA: How to do Practically Anything!

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..this 'zine teaches you..























How to: get even with your boss (Only if your boss has a sense of humor)


How to: get even with your boss2 (If he's a total dick.)


How to: eat crawfish, gracefully


How to: Get the best service at a restaurant -Ted



How to: get revenge against your jackass neighbor


How to: get a free dinner


How to: get back at your ex (if he is in love with his car.)


How to: Make your teacher look foolish


How to: Outrun a vehicle following you

How to: Get out of a huge traffic ticket


How to: Perform the Bunnerz cut-up method, a fail-proof compositional strategy for inventing, arranging, and adding effects to text and images.



AF Pranks -JS


How to: procrastinate -Robert


How to: Get a 13 year old punk to shut up during a movie -Ted


How to Sober a wasted kid up-Afram


Hey Danielle Just a page we can chat on

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