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I am the Great Portfolio

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 7 months ago

My Work:


Nihilism Rough Draft






My Work Re-worked:






My Help:


Scott's extensive remix of my narrative stands as it's own narrative. I especially appreciate the use of his exchange of my narrative voice for spoken voice, which gives it a manic or possibly visionary style, but I didn't feel that any of it was applicable to my purpose of refuting nihilism.


Of the work done by the other remixers, and generally the folks that I got responses from in class, I only felt compelled to answer Ted's request for more rock throwing. Although I didn't add more on that specific subject, I inserted a complimentary, completely reactionary opinion (which, within the guides of Nihilism is acceptable and encouraged) that basically calls for citizens to begin executing other citizens for their poor driving.


My Critics:




My Criticisms:

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