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So I have been playing a lot of splinter cell lately--probably too much. I've also been wolfing down everlasting gobstoppers, inhaling them, practically. Oh, those gobstoppers! I don't even wait one second before I bite down--I get-em as soon as they enter the molar region of my mouth. Now, I don't mean to give the wrong impression about my present state of health. Actually, I have been more mindful than ever before, eating less and trying to control my diet a little more. The fact is, all of this recent (and some not so recent) behavior has sparked me to define exactly what being healthy is.


I asked the L-TEAM what they thought health was and I don't think it helped me out that much. They spent most of the time arguing and kicking each other. Sometimes I wish I hadn't created them to be so adversarial. Sometimes I need a little advice. I wonder if I can draw myself a friend that I can tell all of my problems. Yeah that's it. Screw being healthy, I'll define invisible friends!


Definition: Invisible Friends


An invisible note to Stephen:

I'm sure you can see what I've done to your code to make your images appear, but I have a few notes for you on Wiki and Web functionality. First of all, Bitmaps are a raw data format: they are uncompressed and thus are extremely large. Your three BMPs take up 1.4 Megabytes (1,388kb) of our wiki's 10 Mb. However, I converted them (using Paint's Save As... feature) to JPEGs and their collective size was reduced to 72kb. For this very reason, at one point in the not so distant past, web browsers would absolutely not handle BMPs. GIFs and JPEGs, on the other hand, are highly compressed in their own special ways, so internet pioneers made extensive use of them to overcome bandwidth issues (remember dial-up?). This is why the wiki recognizes them as files, NOT images, which is the very root of the problem with the code that the wiki inserted when you clicked on your file names to add them to your page. The wiki renders all files as links, which have the following general format in HTML: <a href="/(any file)">Link Text</a> (HTML has strict grammar and syntax: observe it.)


In your case the wiki plugged in <a href="/f/Luigi.bmp">Luigi.bmp</a> which is a fine and exceptionally formatted Link. However, if you had uploaded that image as a JPG, it would have appeared under images on the right and when you clicked on it, it would have inserted something like this: <img src="/f/1173417097/Luigi.jpg">


Anyway, not only would your images take less than a millisecond to download if they were converted to JPEGs, but they would also take up much less space on our wiki. Would? Were? I didn't swap them out for you, because you'll never learn anything if I do it all for you, though I encourage you to do so yourself.


Wow, now how's that for a gutter? Invisible message, I love it. Steven, fold this into your definition, yes? -ShareRiff

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