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photo interview

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I (Farrah) interviewed Gina who I know from church because she is the pastor’s wife. She does some photography work on the side but has many other obligations. We asked her to take our family pictures. She did an excellent job and seemed perfect for my interview.


What is your Name?


Gina Bargerhuff


What kind of camera's/film do you use?


Nikon D70s (digital SLR camera)


What do you like/not like about them?


I enjoy working with a digital camera. It allows me to see my mistakes as I'm making them so I can make corrections. Also, I enjoy digitally editing the photographs. I do wish that the D70s had more megapixels which would allow me to do more cropping.


What got you into photography?


Taking photos of my oldest boy, Joshua! I wanted to capture everything that he did so that I would never forget. I also began doing some landscape photography when he was about one year old. I decided at that time to pick up a book to learn about photography. I caught a bug and it never left!


What is your other job besides photography?


My full time job is being a mom and wife.


How do you find time for photography along with your other responsibilities?


Good question. It is easy to find the time to photograph my own boys...it's a great way to spend time with them. I love to let Joshua (now three years old) play outside and I photograph him when he doesn't notice. I set up a "studio" (or at least my attempt at a studio!) in my bedroom to photograph Andrew. Andrew is 6 months old and I've been taking photographs of him every month.


I also love to photograph other children and babies. This always proves to be a little more challenging, time wise, because I have to find a sitter for my kids. I'm beginning to shoot weddings, which works out well. My husband is able to watch the kids on Saturdays.


I usually work on the digital editing in the evenings during the nights that my husband is working late.


Do you currently consider yourself a professional or semi professional photographer? Explain.


Semi-Professional. I'm just getting started. I use a photo lab that is for professionals only and have access to professional albums, etc. But, I haven't acquired a tax ID yet, and have not begun earning a true income.


If you do not consider yourself a professional would you consider doing photography full time?


Not full time, but I would love to work as a photographer on a part time basis. I'd love to do one wedding a month and a few sessions with babies or children each month.


What kind of opportunities are there for professional photographers?


Tons! Most photographers need to decide what type of photography they are most interested in....landscape, commercial, portrait, wedding, etc. It's pretty easy to get in the business providing that you market yourself well.


What do you think about the switch to digital photography? Is it more/less effective?


Digital photography is very effective. It's easier to do a good job because you see the results instantly, and you can edit mistakes. It's great to be able to post photographs online too. There are a few things that I miss about 35mm photography - sometimes simply the challenge of thinking critically about your lighting, etc before you begin shooting. When you are using film you have to really think through the process which forces you to become better and better. Also, film handles color tones and contrast better. But, the advantages of digital photography far outweigh the tradeoffs.

What photography programs do you use at on the computer and why?

I use Microsoft Picture It. I plan to purchase Photoshop CS2, which is the market standard, soon. It is expensive though, so I'm using what I've got for now.


Where do you get the picture developed and why?


The professional lab that I use is WHCC (White House Custom Color). They do a great job. They make sure that you have your monitor callibrated to the standard they use, so that you know the prints will be correct. I want to have full control of the adjustments and editing that I do. Some labs make adjustments for you, but I want to send off the image exactly the way that I want it printed. Photographers who prefer to have this level of control must have their monitors calibrated, otherwise what they see on their monitor might not be what the prints will turn out to be. In other words, the color tones on my monitor looks identical to the color tones on the lab's monitors. Also, they use a very high quality paper and offer several paper finishes (linen, matte, lustre, pebble, etc.). They offer many mounting options too. Their prices are reasonable and their customer service department is excellent. Also, they will reprint any order that a customer is not satisfied with.


Do you think that photo journalism plays an important role in the media?



Absolutely. Photography captures what we could only imagine otherwise. Video plays an important role also, but there is something about a still image that can capture emotion unlike anything else.


Would you ever consider doing photojournalism for newspapers, magazine etc.?


No, because it does not suit my lifestyle as a mother. But, I would love to be able to travel on missions trips with my church. I'd like to capture images of the ministry that takes place on these mission trips so that others might see the relevance and importance of it. Compassion can be stirred up within a person's spirit by a single image...I'd love for many people to see the needs that others have and be spurred on to help!


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