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Final Project Grouping


BlackStar: Most definitely Mos Def and Talib Kweli, a group of hip-hop artists.


It's time to forge ahead and further toward publication in the 'zine medium. As we've navigated the realms of sharing, reacting, linking, chatting, assessing, collaborating and remixing, natural clusters have formed out of compatibility, shared interests, curiosity, etc. Collaboration is vital to publication, and we'll continue to work as a whole group to give feedback and polish each individual project ('zine).


Looking ahead to MissionStatement, AudienceFinder and proposal, group work will become essential as an instant feedback and infoshake mechanism, linking up via chat, cell, face-to-face. Based on interaction, these groups of two seem to fit together nicely.




Has anyone started this? I don't even know where to begin.. Any help?

Talk to your partner. Read the links on this page (that I recently fixed). Install Del.icio.us. Browse for information that interests you and tag it. Write about talking, reading, installing, browsing, tagging or writing.

Captain Oblivious Saves The Day

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