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Required Texts and 'Wares, Suggested Archives

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McLoud, S. (1993). Understanding comics. New York: Kitchen Sink Press. - will guide, and provide code for multimedia/multiperson composition


Weston, Anthony (2000). A Rulebook for Arguments. Indianapolis/Cambridge: Hackett Publishing Company.


Lawrence Lessig Free Culture


Stolen Sharpie Revolution


Watcha Mean, What's a Zine?




punk zine archive flipside, maximumrockandroll, etc



Early American Imprints - surf these and similar archives; discover the prehistory of 'zines in chapbooks, pamphlets, tracts, and samizdat publications.


Tampa Bay Writers Network - we will coordinate with Dr. Tom Hallock's Florida Literature course and create a print publication/zine for the TBWN



The Book of Zines






Radical Software first appeared in Spring of 1970, soon after low-cost portable video equipment became widely available.




cassette recorder/player

cheap computer microphone


scissors and paste poetry is for everyone

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