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Robert Grades JM

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 6 months ago

1-Narrative transformation: Did the write take his diamond in the rough to a sparkling gem or was it left to gather dust. This includes grammar, flow of narrative, and improvements made to help the flow of the narrative.


John shows development when comparing his original narrative to his final narrative. The final piece came together well, including proper grammar, flow, and so forth.


2- Participation in Remixes of others: Did the writer fulfill the requirements of remixing three other students work.


Yes. He remixed Regina, Farrah, and Ted.


3- Originality of Work: Was the writer’s work original that had flavor and kept the reader engaged.


Yes. My attention was caught immediately b/c of his reference to American Idol…I hear about that show non-stop.


4-Final Portfolio Package: this can be the cover sheet, but a place where all work during narrative assignment can be viewed.


John’s portfolio is comprehensive. He has all of the required elements.


GRADE: 20/20 (did what needed to be done and showed effort in the assignment…100%)

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