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Some good bloggin 10

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 8 months ago

Alright. So I've finnished writing the Popstar Patrol and I've already drawn the first one. This is going to be the first series to implament a knew technique in the writing. Since I started, every comic I've ever written has never been edited. They are all "raw." That means that I just drew the pictures strait from my head. Same with dialog. Well I've changed all that. I wrote the "Final L-TEAM" (which won't be put into production until summer 2007) And the next set of comics I've written on paper is the Popstar Patrol. Then, I type them on my computer to edit the story and have them make more sense. This also corrects spelling and grammer and punctuation and all that other good stuff. Then, with the finnished product, I draw to the best of my ability what it is that I've written down. Hopefully the effort can be seen. I have a good feeling about it.


Ok, update. I went on the date. Oh my god she's a bitch. I had all my friends dying of laughter, burrying their faces, and cheering for me when I made a joke. I was on fire. My buddy Ernie was rolling on the floor with a 15lb ball in one hand and the other covering his face in laughter (the his girlfriend bowled for him and threw two gutters). Everyone was laughing accept for the bitch who spent the whole night, even when she arrived, scowling at me and avoiding me. I don't know what her problem is, but I think she should have left that stick up her ass at home.


In other news, I've begun drawing Popstar patrol #8. The third issue to the current story arc of the series. I will definitaly have it finished and ready to read by next thursday 4/5/07. The story is about to take a dramatic curve. The best part about this story is that I am going to build on it. I'm going to write a comic about what the L-TEAM were doing during the case and the case after it (issue #11) is going to be a story that forms from the events of issues #6-10. In all, it will be this huge effort to add a ton of backstory to the gang.


I found a prize among prizes on the internet today. It is a milk and cheese bowling shirt. It is amazing, albiet expensive. As soon as this precious gem becomes available, I will certainly snatch it up. You've gotta see it. Here is the link. Then I did some searching on delicious and found out that there will be a set of Milk and Cheese action figures released sometime. I've seen the vinyl models. The look amazing. here they are. Arn't they amazing?


The zine is going to be interesting. I'll bring in some preliminary stuff. Not that anybody cares. Maybe I'll bring some add ideas.



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