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Ted grades John

Page history last edited by PBworks 17 years ago

John did a great job participating in the Narrative Assignment and I believe was very helpful to those that he was able to remix. I know this because I was one of those people. John’s narrative I thought was good from the very beginning but throughout the process of remixes John transformed a good narrative into a great narrative and one that he should be proud of. John took this assignment to heart, and I believe was able to get the most out of this assignment.


Grade by the Numbers:

1- Narrative transformation: 7/7

2- Participation in Remixes of others: 7/7

3- Originality of Work: 3/3

4- Final Portfolio Package: 3/3


Total- 20/20


1-Narrative transformation: Did the write take his diamond in the rough to a sparkling gem or was it left to gather dust. This includes grammar, flow of narrative, and improvements made to help the flow of the narrative.


2- Participation in Remixes of others: Did the writer fulfill the requirements of remixing three other students work.


3- Originality of Work: Was the writer’s work original that had flavor and kept the reader engaged.


4-Final Portfolio Package: this can be the cover sheet, but a place where all work during narrative assignment can be viewed.



Nice rubric. I agree with the point tally, as well. However, whenever possible, provide an example: quote a passage, and direct us to it with a link and description of the passage's position in the narrative.


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