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Top 5 Photo Work Shops

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Image editing refers to the process of altering images whether they be digital photographs, traditional analog photographs or illustrations. Here are our top five programs to edit size and adjust your photographs and why:


1. Adobe Photoshop: Market leader for commercial uses, has versions for MAC and Microsoft users. Photoshop is a graphics editor. It is considered a standard for jobs related to the use picture editing, creation and graphic manipulation.


2. Paint Shop Pro (PSP): direct competitor of the Adobe Photoshop. Its price makes it an eager substitute. This one is aimed at Microsoft users. It has the same design as Adobe, but is user friendly, and is the most widely purchased of the top two. It is easy to learn, and many of the tools that go along with photography (such as scanners) are predisposed to this program.


3.Corel Photo-Paint: Is comparable to Photoshop for its uses, but does not have the market base. While it has many functions similar to Photoshop, it also has added features like multiple undos and curve text. It is created by the same manufacturers as Paint Shop Pro. This one is not MAC friendly.


4. Pixel: Released in 2006(Latest Verison) is a new competitor, MAC friendly! Pixel is an Adobe like image editor. Pixel supports image formats, color management, layers, adjustment layers, layer effects, filter effect, web page authoring and photo retouching and animations.


5. Jasc Paint Shop the general edits being made. Most lending to red eye removal, size adjustments and blanket adjustments.



At home, I have PIXELA, Adobe, Picture Package(program comes stock with Sony Digital Cameras),and DELL Picture studios (Jasc). Of them all, I use my picture package. I find it easiest to print to form, make minimal adjustments and so on. I also see that for more digital creations, such as animations; Adobe or a more creative program is best.


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