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The photography zine articles and more


Mission Statement


Photography Proposal


March 29-questions for the class


This is the layout for our exportable zine Underexposed!


UnderExposed- Start by clicking here to begin the zine tour!


Definition of Photography


photo history


photo time line


switch to digital


photo interview


Top 5 cameras


Top 5 Photo Work Shops


Camera Phones


Photojournalism: Darfur


Picture of a 1000 WordsWe used Ted's image because it struck both of us, and class mates already. Thank you Ted!! I strongly feel that moving pictures such as this one, can have a far greater impact on humanity than just words alone.




Compare and Contrast


Tour of stpete


Farrah and Regina


Farrah...I wanted to say thank you for working with me on this project. I had a great time. I am so glad that I met you in this class. It definitely made my semester fly!! I am going to miss seeing you each week!!


Regina..I really enjoyed working on this project with you to. I know working with you is what really made it fun. I can't image what the semester would have been like without you on Thursday. Definitally BORING especially between class and in anthropology. We are going to try to hang out every week or week and a half. Call me to go to the beach!:)


Link Pile


camera/shy an encryption project by a hacker group...they take the ubiquitous .gif image (file format and element of the culture and landscape of the web that has changed with/through digital photography) as a space for encrypting information/privacy protection. Here's an interview with a \"cult\" associated with the programmers who designed the camera/shy project.



digital cameras vs. video cameras selection criteria for selecting video streaming equipment, as part of a how-to

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