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v indicating free culture

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The line distinguishing private ownership, state ownership, and common ownership is being redrawn. To positively contribute to that redrawing we must better understand the issues and actors involved - and what we stand to lose. The voice of the few somehow drowns out the voice of the many when it comes to the privatization of common resources and the externalization of social costs. The tools are before us to redirect the systemic erosion of the commons. THE MAN is taking without paying because there is no one there to stop him...


"It is not good for THE MAN to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him."

-Genesis 2:18


We must consume to survive.

Sustaining consumption requires production.

Production, under the current model of capitalism, is a function of profit maximization.

Profit maximization desires greater private property rights.

Private property rights require decreasing common property.


QED...we're losing the commons to profit maximization.


q uick question

The Corporation

The voice of the few

the voice of the many

what we stand to lose

g rowing Lessig

Capitalism notes


the pursuit of helping others

Scott Peeples

a case study to the contrary



Capitalism 3.0

Free Culture

The Tour


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