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Zine Hub

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Zine Springboard


Pages are starting to multiply, feel free to adjust and add as you see fit. I found the grids helpful in the other assignments, so why stop there.


Nation Student Writing Contestfolks, I going over the 'zines and the wiki and I'm thinking that we ought to submit some of our work to the Nation Student Writing Contest. Let me know what I can do to help. -Shareriff



Prompt-o-Matic - each group post their prompting assignment to the class here.


Post any other pertinent links here or below.


John S and Austin:

The Mess Whiteboard

The Mess


John M and Scott:

aMuZine -Final


Danielle and Ninja:

HoTDoPA: How to do Practically Anything!

Stories people want to add

Final Project

Ted, Robert, and Afram:

Darfur Zine


Regina and Farrah:



Tampa Bay Writers Network:

AugustaBlock - A Literary 'Zine

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